Not Able to Exclude a Folder in WinMerge - winmerge

I'm using WinMerge and want to exclude any folder, and associated sub-folders, called 'help'. For example, I have a folder called 'help' and want to exclude that folder and all it's sub-folders. I tried using the following filter:
name: Archibus Conv
desc: Archibus Conversion
def: include
d: \\\.svn$ ## Subversion working copy
d: \\_svn$ ## Subversion working copy ASP.NET Hack
d: \\\help$ ## Help system
d: \\^help ## Help system
But I am still picking up most, if not all, the 'help' subsystem files. Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

The problem had to do with my regular expression. The following did the trick:
D: \help\ ## help system


How to ignore _vti_cnf and _vti_pvt folders in the nominated folder and all sub-folders of nominated folder?

I have this in my .gitignore file located in the root of my repository:
# Expression Web tracking files
But it turns out I need to ignore these two folders in any sub folder of Help or below. See:
How do I modify it to do that?
There is no path which starts with /Help/_vti_cnf, thus no files are ignored. Change to /Help/PublisherDatabase/_vti_cnf, /Help/*/_vti_cnf (all direct subfolders contining _vti_cnf), /Help/**/_vti_cnf (all subfolders containing _vti_cnf) or _vti_cnf (ignore _vti_cnf everywhere).
For more information see

gitignore file pattern not working

I have dynamic directory structure like,
d e
I want to ignore all files under dependency folder recursively except .xml files.
I am using below pattern to achieve the same.
But it seems it's not working for me. It's ignoring all the files but accepting only .xml files which are directly inside the dependency folder, not recursively. :(
I am using below environment.
OS : Windows 7(64 bit)
Git :
Can anyone help me?
This should work:
You ignore everything but white-list the parent folders.
Then you can white-list files.
As I mentioned in "How do I add files without dots in them (all extension-less files) to the gitignore file?", there is mainly one rule to remember with .gitignore:
It is not possible to re-include a file if a parent directory of that file is excluded.
That means, when you exclude everything ('*'), you have to white-list folders, before being able to white-list files.
Check if this is working with git check-ignore -v -- afile to see if it is ignored (and by which rule) or not.

BuildMaster - FTP - How to include or exclude a file type

Is there a way to exclude a file? I would like to exclude all *.config files. Everything else should be included.
Or if I could say include: *.aspx, *.ascx, *.xml, *.png, *.gif, *.html that would be fine.
To quote what Tod said in this forum post:
I'm not sure the component we use to FTP supports negated wildcards,
but you can simply add a Delete Files action before this that operates
on *.config
Alternatively (if you don't want to delete because you may re-use the
files), you can use the Synchronize/Transfer Files action to a
temporary directory (e.g. ~\Ftp) and use a !*.config mask on that to
not transfer the configs, then use the FTP action from ~\Ftp as the
source directory.

Excluding folders in Winrar

A Day with Winrar
All I wanted to do was exclude folders and their contents using wildcards, and even after reading the docs, it turned into a guessing game...
So my test bed looks like:
And I am executing:
C:\>"c:\program files\winrar\winrar.exe" a -r !tmp1.rar !tmp1
which gives me a rar with !tmp1 as the root (sole top level folder).
The exclude switch is -x<filepathpattern> and may be included multiple times.
So, given that we want to exclude f2, and all its subcontents...
removes the contents, but leaves f2
does nothing - includes all
does nothing - includes all
does nothing - includes all (now I'm mad), so surely it must be..
nope, does nothing - includes all. So it has GOT to be...
hell no, does nothing - includes all. and I already know that
removes the contents, but leaves f2. Onward we go...
does nothing - includes all. Grrrr. Aha! how about...
nope, does nothing - includes all. WTF. Alright, So it has GOT to be...
Holy moly, it worked! Hmmm, then how come....
does not work? This was the little demon that sent me down this crazed path to begin with and should have worked!
Given all that, do I dare try to go after */a/* directories, removing contents and the dirs?
does not work, of course, does nothing.
does not work, of course, does nothing.
nope. But...
removes contents of both dirs, but leaves the folders. So, in desperation I can use the -ed switch which will not store empty folders, but this is a broad hack, I want to eliminate the folders specified not all empty folders.
With my animosity growing toward winrar, I am passing the baton of information forward with an eye to that glorious day when we will know how to specifically exclude a folder and its contents using wildcards and not using the -ed switch.
(Quite old question but still may be relevant)
Maybe what you simply needed was this :
-x*\f2 -x*\f2\*
two exclude switches, should remove directory f2 and all its contents.
An even older question by now, but came across this question so I reproduced your folder structure and, at least nowadays (Winrar 5.11, not the latest but quite new), this works:
So the whole command line is:
"C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" a -m5 -s !tmp1.rar !tmp1 -x*\f2
And this is what is stored in the .rar file:
Similarly, if you use -x*\a, all a folders are excluded, storing this:
Finally, combining both parameters (-x*\f2 -x*\a), you get this:
To manage large list of files to be excluded, you can create text fie and write all excluded files/folders relative to the source folder:
1) create file list.txt, write the name of excluded files/folders
note: * refer to the source, all files/folders are relative to the source folder
2) Run the command
rar a -r -x#list.txt target.rar source-folder

NSIS copy folder to a network Drive and ftp site

Hi I would like to copy all the files from a folder on my local machine to a network drive.
I tried using CopyFiles "....\Source*." "\abc\Destination" But its not working.....
I also tried File /r "....\Source*." "\abc\Destination".
Please let me know where am i going wrong. Also please let me know how to copy the folder on the ftp site
Copyfiles uses SHFileOperation internally and should work as long as you follow that api's restrictions, especially the part about full paths: "It cannot be overstated that your paths should always be full paths" and "Standard MS-DOS wildcard characters, such as "*", are permitted only in the file-name position. Using a wildcard character elsewhere in the string will lead to unpredictable results"