Can we self host airconsole? - airconsole

The site currently doesn't make it entirely clear, though the documentation is super clean and the api looks great, if we as developers can self host the airconsole framework for our own games?

AirConsole is providing the API/Service but not the possibility to host the framework by yourself.
Of course you can directly link to your game with:


is there any other way to interact with Ethereum's smart contracts via UI besides Etherscan?

I'm aware of Etherscan's capability for interactions with smart contracts on the Ethereum network, but I wonder if there is any other way to read and write from smart contracts.
I'd expect an improved UI/UX usability, allowing input validation, adding documentation on top of the contract etc, yet I couldn't find any other service providing it.
You could use
There is no service that I know that can provide documentation on top of the contract.
But, it's possible to develop one. Are you interested in how it can be done?
The only one I know of is Remix. This is a great tool for smart contract testing and interaction
And if you are planning to develop your own UI with an API. This is not the exact solution but check out drizzle. It has some good built in features which will get you started on the front-end parts and showing blockchain data
Both tools presented below load the ABI automatically from the contract address.
There is one that looks like old Windows 95 app. Pretty cool.

Titanium Mobile Sockt programming

I had Mobile project using Titanium which need Chatting functionality so i found two way to do using socket programming and by using Web services so which way is better and what are the Requirements for Sockets Based programming .....plz Help me.....
i had got reference for code
but i confuse which way i have to fellow ...
If you want to implement chat application you have more option to do that.
I have already do that with that is really fine for me and also helps me a lot. And its very speedy .
And i have also experience with cloud that is also good but as per i say that is good compare to webservices. In Appcelerator
Prefer this it really helps you to you to understand

Anybody knows the technology approach behind's concept? "shares" screens without requiring shared parties to download nor install anything. These are my guesses on how it works:
Proxy server keeping track of shared parties who both are browsing the same website (thus not really screen sharing)
Interaction is being "recorded" by host side javascript and then serialized over to the client's javascript (ajax) who will then have to de-serialize the actions from the host and mimic the behaviour.
Anyone else has a take on this?
I did some research on this, and I'm pretty sure it uses Java since that is one of the requirements.
"To use LiveLOOK's screen sharing and co browsing products you will need a browser and java. Java is typically pre-installed on all computers. If your computer d..."
Here is perhaps how they get access to the screen:
But I'm a C++ man so, I wouldn't know if there's a better way to do things like that in Java.

Multiplayer game communication framework for mac/ios

I am creating a multiplayer 2D game for Mac and iOS devices. I'll be using cocso2d for graphics/game engine, however I am largely blank on what to use for multiplayer communication. Please note that I cannot use central severs e.g. SmartFox, RedDwarf, etc since I want the players to "host" games for others and be able to play it on their LAN, VPN or my own servers.
Any pointers? I checked lidgren but it's for .NET only and hence not an option for me.
EDIT: the communication has to be real time hence it would probably be over UDP
I have posted the question here on, I'll be posting my findings there (if any)

Local Area Messenger in Ruby

i've recently started to learn Ruby language. and I've got an idea, I want to build a "Local Area Messenger", it will be a web application like Skype but locally, but I really don't know where to go, If anyone have any..any idea or "links"....It would be great. thanks in advance...cheers :)
Journeta is a dirt simple library for peer discovery and message passing between Ruby applications on a LAN.