Is it possible to have per-user persistent data with AirConsole? - airconsole

I'm thinking of developing a game with AirConsole. I'm not sure if it's the right platform, though, since I need a way to save data to an object that is unique for each player, so I can save the player's data across game sessions. Here's what I want to do:
While playing on one AirConsole with player B, player A unlocks an ability
Player A disconnects from the AirConsole session, and later joins a game with player C
Player A still has the ability unlocked from the previous time they played the game, while player C does not since they haven't played before.
What is the best way to do this securely and reliably?
Also, it would be great to see a way to do long-distance multiplayer come to AirConsole. This would let you put in a connect code in a desktop browser to have the console's screen mirrored so you could play with friends who aren't nearby.
And a way to run AirConsole from a laptop would be great too - at college the WiFi is too bad to play AirConsole on, and a way to host it locally on a separate router without an internet connection would be great

Persistent storage is available in the latest API, have a look at those methods
AirConsole does not provide anything so far to make your game an online multiplayer game. You would have to develop your own server-side solution and build your AirConsole game on top of it.


Is it possible to send GPS coordinates as navigation target to DJI drones through mobile SDK?

I am new to the drone community. I am trying to use a drone to follow a driving vehicle and record a video, this would be part of my graduate school project.
I know DJI provides an "active track" function but it seems like the maximum speed for the tracking is around 20-25 mph, and it cannot track the vehicle at a top-down angle (drone looks straight down at the vehicle).
I have an idea to send the GPS info of the ego vehicle to my mobile device and use a customized app to read the GPS location and set it as a target so the drone can follow it.
Is it doable? Is it in general worth the effort? Or is it better off to just use the active track and work with the best angle that I can get?
I've done that.
Send gps updates from a tracker phone to the phone connected to rc.
You have to use virtualstick mode in the MSDK. Tha max speed is 15m/s
Virtual stick functions in the DJI Mobile SDK simulate the remote controller's joysticks, and therefore an aircraft can be automated to fly in any way a human can manually fly it. Compared to missions, this is a more complicated, but flexible way to automate flight.
Works very well.
An example:
It's a little shaky, but thats fixed now :-)

How can I copy Brightcove players and in-page experiences from one account to another?

I've been developing Brightcove players and in-page experiences in a development account while building a proof of concept. Now that stakeholders have agreed to move forward, I need those players and in-page experiences copied to a production account. How can I do this?
I don't see any options in Video Cloud to allow this, and I don't see anything in any API that lets me download a definition, say, in JSON. I'd rather not have to manually recreate my players and in-page experiences in the Video Cloud screens, since I'm likely to make an error.
Related: I'd also like to be able to download definitions for these players and IPXes so that I can store them in version control, just like I would any other component.
The player and in-page experience configurations are retrievable using the Player Management API and In-Page Experience API.
These REST APIs will return both configurations as JSON objects which can then be stored in version control and/or published into new/different accounts (after changing the account ids, and other account-specific information).
Also, in the Players Module in the Studio, you can view the specific JSON for that player by editing the player and using the JSON Editor.
Let me know if this helps!
Disclaimer: I am employed by Brightcove

Do Cell Phone Repeaters have CID and LAC?

I want to detect offline mobile phones in a specific area, they are offline no GPS and no internet. I have an application and it should take an action when it detects that it is in the area.
the area may be a floor on a building or even a room.
Can I set a repeater device and wait for its signal to show up then to take an action based on the Cell Id?
knowing that I don't need the mobile phone to connect the repeater.
is there a better approach?
I think you mean that you want an app on the phone to detect it is in the room or building, even when the app is not connected to the internet and not using GPS.
An alternative approach to using a specialist device as you outline, and which might be worth testing, is to leverage the WiFi scanning that your device is probably already doing, even when not connected to the internet.
In Android, for example, you can register a broadcast listener for 'SCAN_RESULTS_AVAILABLE_ACTION' which will provide you a list of all the nearby wifi access points including their BSID's and SSID's ():
There are permission restrictions which you need to be aware of but they are quite common ones for users - more details here:
Many location services use this type of approach, often to supplement the GPS info and improve accuracy.

Is it possible to control DJI Phantom 2 Vision (plus) with smartphone?

I'm checking at DJI specification for Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision plus and also API reference, but I'm not sure wether is it possible to pilot drone without remote controller? How is the communication via SDK done - is smartphone directly communicating with drone, or is going via remote controller?
DJI SDK Level 2 does allow direct flight control of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. It communicates the commands to the unit using wifi. That being said, the wifi extender that your phone is connected to is attached to the controller, so you still need the controller to be turned on and in the vicinity in order to operate, but the device is still what is sending the commands to the Phantom. I would recommend that someone always have the controller at the ready incase the wifi network has interference / phone dies etc. I am using the SDK in this way for my side project
Hope that helps.
FYI - to use the level SDK you first have to submit a proposal for your project to DJI and get their approval..... and pay a fee in most cases.
Here is a helpful link that shows the difference in features for the SDK level 1 and 2.
From 3 weeks of playing: the smart phone controls the gimbal and the camera in general, all the flight controls are strictly from the remote control unit albeit waypoints from the smart phone could be argued as control by the phone. I havent flown it without the smart phone but I am fairly sure I could, without blades on the sitting room floor it seemed possible. I cant imagine why you would want controls from your phone, when things go pear-shaped you would be pretty much screwed with just a touch screen.

google play game services SAVE GAME DATA Unity Example

Any one who using google play game services to save game state on cloud with unity game?
Is it feasible than using parse?
if game cache cleared than all state will got lost before sing in to google?
There is no any service by which you can visit your friend game...which is a big for me...I am shift on parse..much much better.