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what happened to ?
Trying to enter in url
This domain has expired. If you are the owner of this domain, please click here to renew it.
is it serious ?

Looks like it. As far as I can tell the domain is down completely. This means any subdomain goes with it (mojo., groovy., etc.). According to twitter they know about it (Secondhand, may not be reputable): Nothing to do but wait till it's fixed.

Codehaus is dead.
You can find some old codehaus contents at:


productionMode=true wont disable ?args

In i've specified :
and relaunched application server. However, I still can relaunch app via adding ?restartApplication at the end of url. According to documentation, productionMode=true is cure for this.
The question is - did i miss something?
You didn't miss anything, ?restartApplication works also in production mode.

Personal webpage set in https without my interaction. How to undo it?

i've got a little problème im not even abble to clearly formulate.
And this didnt helped me finding an answer on the internet.
So I rely on you people if somehow you have allready encouter this problem or either simply had an idea of where this could came from.
Here is my problem : When I try to connect on my personal website the navigator (Chrome or Firefox, haven't test with others) told me the certificate of security is invalid and is only valid for (ovh is my web hosting-provider).
The error code is : ssl_error_bad_cert_domain.
Well if any of you has an idea of where this could came from ?
Here is my website if some wants to have a look :
Thank you for reading it, I hope someone could help me.
Even though this is not a solution to the underlying problem, this is a nice workaround.
Either add a security exception in your browser, or explicitly link via http://. The security violation report should only show when trying to connect via https://.
I think you'd have to contact your provider for a shared SSL certificate to enable connection via https

Cannot re-create app due to error "This Firebase URL is not available"

I decided to try out Firebase hosting and wanted to start fresh so I deleted my one and only app, but when I tried to create a new app with the same name I was unable to due to the error:
"This Firebase URL is not available"
I can only guess this is because of caching of app names/URLs? Hopefully it will become available (unless someone else beats me to it) after some timeout? Any info from others who have experience with this issue or otherwise know the answer is appreciated!
Not sure whether this is the right place to ask although Firebase suggest coming to SO because they apparently monitor Firebase-related questions closely according to their website.
Once you delete a Firebase URL, it is permanently unavailable. It cannot be recovered.
During confirmation, you should see a message like this, which explains in detail:
This stems from a number of abuse vectors that are possible by misappropriating a project id that the prior owner believes is deleted and could still have apps/releases in the wild attached to the defunct backend. Since compliance requires that we purge all data related to the project, including information about ownership, there's not even a way to restore one you personally deleted.

Failsave cant start jetty server because of missing

i cant verify my webapp using maven-failsave because the web-jetty.xml referenced a missing dtd (
Any ideas? Can i disable the dtd-check?
Where can i get the content of
old one should work, I'll look into that, but you can also get it at:
[edit] An update on this:
We have a number of redirects in place as we try and keep the really old xml file doctypes valid. We recently wired up a redirect from to which has resulted in a number of validation errors on these old urls. This is being addressed but if it impacts you updating to is the best solution so the redirect game is no longer played.

Troubles with my open id provider. How to debug?

I have my own openid provider on my website, with phpmyid. It worked flawlessly until now, but apparently now it's not working anymore. I am unable to login anywhere I tried. How can I debug what's going on, to understand where's the problem ?
I can add more details if required, but if I can figure it out by myself without having to paste stuff it would be better.
Without any details, all I can say is read the logs (if phpMyID provides any), and capture the browser redirects with something like TamperData to see if there's anything obviously wrong there.
You could also try