dwx zeromq on MT5 for Mac - zeromq

I followed through an instruction from the github repository https://github.com/geekaia/mt5teste
I downloaded these files and I moved the dwx mq5 file into the Expert/Advisor folder in metatrader5 as expected, yet...I can't see the EA after refreshing
I use a Mac, and I was thinking if it makes any difference.
Although I had tried using the mq4 for metatrader4, it worked successfully but the mq5 file wouldn't work on metatrader5
Also, does anyone know which folders the remaining 3 "mqh" files should be moved to?
I'm stuck, would really appreciate any help
Thanks in advance.

After many trials, I got a hang of it
The tested server codes are here for both mt4 and mt5


Inaccessible boot device stop code error on my dell laptop

I have a real problem, that started from yesterday. I was using my Dell Laptop until I found something called sc, after making my laptop on sleep mode, I tried to get out some piece that I discovered it was for ssd, when I returned it correctly and tried to turn on my laptop again, it showed me the blue screen with a stop code : >"inaccessible boot device".
after a day, I tried to open it again, but nothing happened, I tried alot, searching the internet about the matter but nothing. I also asked someone I know and he told me that ghe laptop needs some format.
Please, Help me finding a solution, because I don't want to format, lots of informations and apps are installed in it, also, there are lots of projects I finished and there is a very important project I am working on, please, help me find a solution without format, and thanks.

Can't find certain .exe after starting up pc

Everytime I start up my laptop, I get the following error:
Can't find file C:\Users\robert\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\dhisevfi\eieteifb.exe Check if you have the entered the name correctly and try again after.
I can't find this .exe file anywhere on my laptop and even on the internet it can not be found. Check here to see the image of the error.
StackOverflow is my last resort to solve this problem since no one seems to understand why it happens.
I would be very grateful if someone could me out a bit further.
Thanks in advance!
I've just searched the internet and I didn't find the name of this executable, which most likely means that it has been generated automatically, which is a typical situation for ... a virus! (I had a similar situation several years ago)
So, apparently your computer has been infected with a virus, the corresponding executable is not (longer) present on your computer, but your computer (still) wants to launch it. (Don't worry: as the executable is not there anymore, there won't be any harm to your computer anymore)
I'd advise you to remove this entry from your startup folder, but this action depends on your Windows version. There are lots of entries about this subject all over the internet.

Visual Studio Mac replacing (corrupting) file contents.

Since I loaded build 1868 of VisualStudio for Mac, it has been randomly replacing the contents of an open tab with the contents of another open tab. If I don't notice and compile, it will then save those contents to both files which basically destroys one of my source files.
I loaded v. 7.7.1 (build 15) hoping they snuck a fix for the problem in there. If anything, now it's worse. I'm having to close and re-open VS every 15 minutes, or so, and digging up a backup to repair a corrupted file every couple of hours (when I don't notice and it overwrites a file).
This is REALLY slowing me down. I haven't been able to find anyone else complaining about this, which makes me wonder if it's just me?
I'm running on macOS Sierra (v. 10.12.6). I'm using Xamarin to develop a mobile application, and am currently focusing on the Android side (and will get back to iOS eventually).
Does anyone have any ideas why this may be happening? Do you have any advice besides remove then reload everything? Sure it's an easy answer, but takes a very long time to do with less than awesome internet speed.
Thanks in advance for your help!

ExcelDna not working on one machine

As far as I can detect all machines are the same that excelDna is being used on.
On one specific machine I tried to use the code I have created, and ran into an issue. Logically I thought this was odd and instead tried to add a sample file that comes with the download.
So now, I am trying Errors.xll/Errors.dna that come as a sample. The same error occurrs. Therefore to me there is an issue on this specific machine.
The error I am receiving is "a problem occurred while an add-in was being initialized (InitialIntegration failed). The add-in is built with ExcelDna and is being loaded from P:\xlDna\Distribution\Errors.xll"
Has anyone encountered this? Help needed to understand why this is happening as it seems quite opaque to debug.
Hi what solved this for me was moving the xll and DNA to the users c:. Once located on the c: worked flawlessly.
Hope this helps someone else in the future.

EDSDK EdsOpenSession EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal

I believe this is similar to the thread: Canon SDK 2.11 on OSX
However the solution there did not work for me. I'm perplexed because I'm not sure how to figure out what has changed. I had some working software, did not work on it over the holiday and now when I open it up to work it fails. Not only my software but the demo app included with the SDK, which I have never changed and indeed used to work just fine.
I have tried with two different cameras (5DmII and 5DmIII) with the same result.
when I try and run the application, the camera is recognized but, as it attempts to open a session it receives a EXC_BAD_ACCESS signal. In each program it happens when a call is made to EdsOpenSession() with this message...
*** -[NSConcreteData release]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x8157af0
Interestingly, when I tried to use the EOS Utility that would crash also. So I updated and now that works great. I followed the suggestion in the above thread and copied the EDSDK.framework from the working bundle to my program and recompiled but I get the same results.
I'm trying to figure out how to contact Canon to get some information but they don't make it easy to get help so I'm appealing to the one group I know is responsive.
The only thing I can think is that sometime over the holiday I updated some critical library without knowing it.
Has anyone else run into and been able to solve this?
I'm running OS X 10.7.5, xcode 4.1, and EDSDK 2.11.3
Solved this. It did turn out to be the same solution as the mentioned link. However, what I was missing was that I needed to also copy the new EDSDK.framework into /Library/Frameworks not just have it in my source directory. This may be because I don't have everything setup correctly in XCode.