Dependent drop-down values in Adaptive card for Msteams - microsoft-teams

I am having a task module popup and there are two drop-down lists. On selection of any value from drop down 1, I want to dynamically load the inputs for drop down 2 by doing a API call.
Is this possible in task module popup?

There is no way to do this with adaptive card.
To achieve this, you need to create custom pages and on selection of drop-down1 value you have load the drop-down 2.


Oracle Forms Call Certain Canvases of Multiple Forms from Custom Menu (mmb)

I have one main form ("users.fmb"), one other form ("cards.fmb") and one custom menu ("menu.mmb"). I want to call canvases of forms according to which menu item selected.
For example: When I choose 1. item of menu, call canvas A of "users" form. When I choose 2. item of menu, call canvas B of "cards" form. Menu("menu.mmb") is related with main ("users") form.
How can I do this?
I tried to use
methods in different ways but it not worked.
if your menu is only attached to users.fmb, you won't be able to call again users.fmb from cards.fmb (except by exiting cards.fmb).
Also if you call again users.fmb from cards.fmb you will have 3 forms in your calling stack (users.fmb -> cards.fmb -> users.fmb), which is not a good idea.
I guess you would have to create another form acting as the main screen from which you can run either users.fmb or card.fmb (you can use CALL_FORM for this).
Also you can use SHOW_VIEW to display a specific Canvas but you will have to do this in the targeted Form.
You can pass the canvas name as a Form parameter (called e.g. "navigation_canvas") and in the WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger, if this parameter is not null you can then navigate to the desired canvas using SHOW_VIEW(:parameter.navigation_canvas)

How to show checkbox disabled for some rows in Vaadin Grid when using <vaadin-grid-selection-column>

My Polymer custom element has a Vaadin grid with say 10 rows.
It allows selection of rows using vaadin-grid-selection-column, which renders checkboxes bound to the selection state of the grid on every row.
I need to:
allow selection of say only 8 rows based on some condition.
disallow selection for the balance 2 rows (either not show the checkbox or show it as disabled).
I am not sure if
<vaadin-grid-selection-column auto-select></vaadin-grid-selection-column>
can be conditioned in any way to achieve the result.
I appreciate any suggestions..
You can generate your own checkboxes in a renderer function. Check similar issue and solution in How to hook data-grid events in parent lit-element component?

Rails: disable input tag upon selection from a dropdown menu

I've got a drop down menu with two input elements underneath.
From the dropdown menu, are names of companies (with values set to the respective company id's), and another prompt to Add a new company.
If the option to Add a new company is selected from the dropdown, then the user is to fill out the 2 input field elements (i.e. company name and company email).
Otherwise, if an available company is selected from the dropdown,
then the 2 input fields (for company name and email are to be disabled).
My question
Is this possible to do without an AJAX call if I want things to happen without a page refresh?
Can anyone suggest some other alternatives??
Many thanks!
That is absolutely possible, though you'd need to use some JavaScript to make it happen and load a bit more data to the DOM on the initial page load.
For each option in your company select dropdown, add a data attribute for the name and email.
Then, watch that dropdown for the change event in JavaScript. Whenever that event is fired, if the data-company-name and data-company-email attributes are defined for the selected option, disable the input fields and populate them with those values. If those data attributes are not defined for the option (likely only for your 'Add a new company' option), then clear the values from the input fields and enable them.

Watir clicking nested elements inside a container

I'm trying to complete a happy path e-commerce payment test but I cant seem to click on the nested element for credit card to be honest I'm not entirely sure which is the clickable element.
Any help to get this working would be appreciated.
When inputting forms, you typically want to interact with input and select elements. In this case, you can see that the visible input field is a radio button - ie <input type="radio">.
You access radio buttons using the radio method and select it by using the set method: 'cc-payment').set
The element you want to click is the input with type radio. You should be able to do something like:
driver.find_element(:css, "input[id='cc-payment'][value='creditCard']").click
I'm curious if clicking on the parent item would resolve.
#browser.input(id: 'cc-payment')
If the div registers the click and sets the input then this might work. You should be able to manually verify this beahviour by clicking outside of the radial and seeing if it selects.

jqGrid using radio buttons for editable rows

I'm currently using jqGrid and ASP.Net MVC. With my current project, my goal is to provide a grid of data to the end user, and they can then edit this. The data is machine-generated, and the users will be confirming if the machine is correct or not.
I think ideally for speed, I'd like to provide a row per item, with a radio button group as the editable. The users could then pick from the values 'Unknown', 'Correct', 'Incorrect'.
As there will be a lot of data, I'd also like to provide a control of some type that can set all rows in the grid to one of the available radio button choices, for the user experience.
Given that there seems to be no native support for this in jqGrid, I wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience writing something like this, and whether this is achievable and reliable, or whether I should stick with the drop-down editable approach that is native to jqGrid.
To implement radio button as the editable instead of the standard drop-down editable approach you can use so named custom editing feature of jqGrid (see This allows you to create any custom control to edit the cell value. An example of the implementation you can find here: Add multiple input elements in a custom edit type field.
To set all rows in the grid to one of the available radio button choices you can use either a control outside of jqGrid or add an additional custom button in the navigation bar (see If you search for navButtonAdd you will find a lot of examples how to implement this, for example, Jqgrid: navigation based on the selected row. Because you use server based data, you can just call a method on the server to make the changes which you need and then call trigger("reloadGrid") to refresh jqGrid data.