How to compare 2 folders in winmerge, but ignore file extension? - winmerge

I think the right regex, forgive my ignorance on this.
I got some ideas from this useful stack question and the winmerge filter help page
But I can't get it to work. Some help please, much appreciated.
f: *\.insv(.mp4)?$ ## *.insv and *.mp4 files

To exclude both extensions in the same filter you can use:
f: .*(\.insv|\.mp4)$
Or you can use one line to exclude each extension:
f: .*\.insv$
f: .*\.mp4$


How to make comments multiple lines and one line in .wbt files used as world files in WeBots

In WeBots and using programs with ROS2 you need to use world files with the .wbt extensions.
Does someone know how to comment one line or multiple lines ?
Yes, you can use the # character in front of a line to comment it, like in Python.

Possible to copy/move/etc multiple files of same base name via Windows CMD/.BAT?

I am wondering if it is possible to accomplish the following, given some context and example.
I have files in "Server\Share\Folder\File##.ext"
Sometimes the "File##.ext" can be "File01.ext" through "File20.ext", and other times it may be "File01.ext" through "File40.ext"
Sometimes there are less of these files, sometimes there are more.
I want a batch file to take the files from "Server\Share\Folder\File##.ext" and move them to "Server\Share\OtherFolder\File##.ext". I know I can accomplish this easily with:
copy /y "Server\Share\Folder\File01.ext" "Server\Share\OtherFolder\File01.ext"
Then just add another line for each extra "File02.ext, File03.ext, etc., but I am wondering if it is possible to make it so that any file that resembles "File##.ext" can be included, so that no matter how many ## I have, it always works without issue.
Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
Someone mentioned using Wildcards, but my question with that is - lets say those files are File01.ext through File05.ext, will it match what it finds to the newly moved file? Like will it find File01 from File?? on the source and Make it File01 from File?? at the destination?
You can accomplish this task with a FORloop program in batch-file.
You can also loop through the Commands using : and variable name.
Combining these two would help you get what you want.
We can help you with Ideas and little bit of the coding. But the Efforts must be done by you. So U can learn programming better

Windows Move Command (All except one file)

Currently I'm moving all files from one dir to another using the Move command in Windows, outlined below:
move "path\*" "path2\"
Is there anyway to exclude one file from "path*" using move ?
Any other advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
After some more research I now realise that * is a wildcard and for my purpose all I had to change was:
move "path*.txt" "path2\"
This moves all text files from the path and leaves any other file.

How to change the names of different type of files? (shell)

Easy question for the wise. I have a bunch of files with the same name but different extensions, e.g:
and I want to rename all of them to
How can I do this? thanks.
So as BMW pointed out, there is another similar question (How to do a mass rename? )
Just for the sake of it I will put the answer here:
To rename files with different extension you can do the following:
mmv "file1.*" "name.#1"

Rails / Rename or move files

I found a couple of different ways to move a file with ROR, but I couldnt get it to work, whats the best and simplest way to move or rename a file ?
You can use the standard method:
File.rename(old_name, new_name)
Or you can use FileUtils which offers additional functionality.