Recharts label list cannot be dynamically hidden - recharts

How to conditionally hide LabelList component from any of the graphs? It seems that elements (e.g. Line) do not respect that, and do not unmount LabelList if it's no longer being passed through children prop


SWT resize dynamically scroll of composite

I have created a composite which has three children - Composite 1, 2 and 3. The children try to recreate the functionality of expand items in an expandbar. I want to make my parent composite scrollable vertically, so that all children are visible when expanded. I also want the size of the scroll to be changed dynamically as the composite gets bigger because it is possible to expand only one item, or two, or all three of them (see pictures for demonstration). How can I achieve that? Thanks in advance.

How to render only visible nodes inside a ScrollPane?

I'm using JavaFX to show thousands of nodes inside a ScrollPane. It gets laggy on nodes more than about 50. I'm adding each node by pane.getChilderen.add(myNewNode); and then move them to a specific position on the pane. How to make a pane to only render visible items to optimize the performance? Thanks.

Collapsing item in JavaFX Tree View leaves some items improperly rendered

My JavaFX application uses Tree View and tree items are added dynamically added at different points while the program is running. The tree view does not render some tree items after expanding and collapsing items. The following images will make my point clearer.
The first picturing shows the tree after expanding and the second picture show the same tree after collapsing. As you can see the item Plate does not get properly rendered.
Is this a JavaFX bug or have I done something wrong? Also is there a correct way to get it rendered correctly or a workaround if this happens to be a bug?

Layout horizontally and multiple lines

I'd like to layout a bunch of child Views horizontally. If children fill a row, they should allocate more space and continue the render process in the next row. This process should continue, as long as children are left to get rendered.
May I use this using Xamarin.Forms views?
There are no wrapping layouts currently in Xamarin.Forms, but you can achieve this quid easily with a RelativeLayout, as it allows to have constraint for childs relative to its parent.

TreeView with custom drawn TreeNode

I am trying to add a custom icon near the text of a TreeNode, so the items could have a "checked/unchecked" state displayed. I don't want to use a checkbox for that.
Any ideas?
Assuming you are using .net and Windows Forms.
You must set DrawMode property of TreeView to TreeViewDrawMode.OwnerDrawAll. Once you do this, treeview's DrawNode event will fire each time a tree node is being drawn. Handle that event and draw your items manually.
You will get DrawTreeNodeEventArgs as the event arguments. State property of it will tell you which state of the tree item you must draw. e.Bounds will help you for determining bounds and you can use e.Graphics for drawing. You can find more detailed information here:
But prepare to invest multiple hours.