Migrate and Restoring to new Server facing Issue - amazon-ec2

I am facing an issue in odoo 15 community edition after migrating the database and attachments from one server to another with a different server username. The problem is that downloading attachments is not working and I am getting a 404 error. How can I resolve this issue?
update all
delete css n js from the ir_attachment table


Sql Script file (apex_epg_config.sql) is missing in Oracle Apex 20.2

I have Oracle Apex 20.1 Installed on Oracle Linux 6.10 Server with Oracle Database 12.2. Recently I am trying to update into Apex 20.2 but this script file (apex_epg_config.sql) is missing in zip folder.
When I load the site then giving me this error:
There is a problem with your environment because the Application Express files are not up-to-date! The
files for version have been loaded, but is expected. Please verify that you
have copied the images directory to your application server as instructed in the Installation Guide.
How to solve this error?
The embedded PL/SQL Gateway (EPG) along with mod_plsql are no longer supported for Oracle APEX. This deprecation was announced in APEX 20.1.
Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) is the only supported and documented Web listener for APEX. The configuration instructions are here. ORDS includes an embedded Web server, so in addition to being supported with Apache Tomcat and WebLogic Server, you can also run ORDS standalone.
I had the same problem after upgrading from APEX 18.2 to 20.2. I solved the problem by not executing this script. It seems that it isn't needed any longer. Update succeeded without running this script.
Attention: There is a pitfall: After upgrading you must clear your browser cache (only images). When I cleared the browser cache, the error message disappeared.

bpf error after upgrade crm dynamics to on prem 9.0.5

after successfully upgrade to dynamics from 2016 8.1 to 9.0.5 on prem,
we encountered a problem with business process flow,
as we know each bpf has its own entity in the DB,
we use an OOB bpf in incident entity that called phonetocaseprocess,
the problem is that i saw after the upgrade that the newly table created for
that bpf - is empty :() , so all the current incidents failed on update because
i get an error that said that : phonetocaseprocess With Id = 196dc1e2-466f-e911-80e6-
00155dc4022d Does Not Exist.
when i create a new incident record it works fine and a record is created in
phonetocaseproccess table.
someone encountered that? or have an idea? thank you
we were able to resolve this by running the script provided in the above forum before the upgrade run, after this the upgrade was successfully completed.
The problem occurred because processes in the source environment did not have a unique name in the database, which resulted in the upgrade not converting the data to the correct table in the DB but to another table in new_bpf_guid format.
hope this will help someone
That's because your existing records are related to the older process and that the process in the newer version has different GUID. See the snapshot below:
To correct this, you have to migrate the process entity data with the existing primary keys in the older version.

Sonarqube 5.6 analys is failing in background with out logs

Hi I am facing this issue from very long time. I didn't got any help so I tried to repost it again and this is my old question Unable to see sonarqube analysis in sonarqube server after build success. For more information
I am using MSSQL shared database for my sonarqube.
I am not having any error logs to figure out my issue. But when I take out my database and ran with embedded database it was running fine. But when I run by configuring my MSSQL database I am having Intermittent analysis failures. My environment is Sonarqube 5.6 in Linux, database MSSQL 14.
Thanks for your help..
I Used another Database which helped to resolve my issue. when I get this issue I tried analysis using embedded database and hen I came to know that Due to database conflict its unable to analyze code and failing in background. so I changed my database as I don't have important data helped me to resolve this issue

Issue with setting up Oracle Rest Data services

I have successfully installed Oracle REST Database Services version I am able to access Oracle Apex but when I create a web-service and click on test button I get this error.
Error during evaluation of resource template: GET hr/employees/,
SQL Error Code: 28000,
SQL Error Message: ORA-28000: the account is locked
I have tried connecting to Oracle_apex_public user and every other user to check if any account is locked but I am able to connect to these account with SQLDeveloper.
I have also tried reinstalling and changing default tablespace inside ORDS configuration files, but still it's not working.
If anyone has an idea what is going wrong, please help.
Thank you for the response.
I manage to solve the issue, the cause was i was using same Passwords for all apex public and sys changing th

Replacing mod_plsql with Oracle Rest Data Services

We are in the process of upgrading an application running on Oracle 10g and oracle HTTP server to Oracle 12C.
Due to mod pl/sql being deprecated we have chosen following combination.
oracle 12c + ORDS 3.0 and tomcat. (we are not using APEX)
A major functionality of our application is uploading files via website to the documents table in the database schema.
While doing that we are getting error "500 Internal Server Error" which has been experienced by others on this link https://community.oracle.com/thread/3891751
If anyone has got a sucessfull file upload into Documents table via Oracle Rest Data Services config I would like to know.
As far as I could prove, it is not possible to upload files with ORDS without having APEX installed. You will have to install APEX even if you do not use it in your application.
You can try another gateway but most are deprecated, I have started to develop one in Java without APEX dependencies. When I have it ready I will publish it in github.
You might want to have a look at the latest ORDS release as explained my own question related to this topic:
File uploads in a non-Apex PL/SQL application migrated to ORDS